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Wardell Explains When He Started To Think About Switching To Valorant From CS:GO



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Matthew Bowman Yu, known as “Wardell,” is a 23-year-old Canadian former CS:GO player who made an impact in the North American scene with Ghost Gaming. In April 2020, he switched to Valorant and joined Team SoloMid next month.

Wardell spoke in a recent interview with and talked about his early days of gaming, switching to Valorant from Counter-Strike, and many more.

In the conversation, Wardell mentioned the coronavirus pandemic and self-quarantine days and how it affected the organizations in terms of money. He pointed out that the organizations didn’t have funds to support a team last year.

Therefore, he started to think about Valorant and how Riot Games operates the esports scene, which made him wanted to make his mark in the game. As Wardell said, he firstly think about switching it during the Flashpoint tournament, which was recently before the online era started.

After being the seventh team in the standings as an organization-less team, Wardell decided to switch to Valorant and joined the core Team SoloMid roster who was playing together under the name of mouseSpaz.

Interviewer asked:

“When you first left CS:GO, how was your relationship with pro play before entering VALORANT? Was there ever a possibility of placing your focus on streaming and youtube?”

Wardell replied:

“I knew it’s something that I really wanted to do because there are not many teams looking for players during COVID because they did not have funds to support a team. So when I saw Valorant and how it is run by Riot Games who are so invested in esports, I knew I needed to make my mark in this game.

I remember playing in a Flashpoint tournament and knowing that I would be making this switch to Valorant. Honestly, I just have a lot of faith in this game honestly.”

Later in the conversation, Wardell also talked about his time playing League Of Legends and explained why he did want to pursue making a new career in the first-person-shooter games.

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