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Which Games Will Be Released This Week? (18th – 23th March)



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We’re on the third week of March. There are many catchy games that will be released this week. Here are the games that will be meet gamers this week. Most anticipated game of this week is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

March 18th,

Turok (Switch)
Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island (PC)

March 19,

Fate / Extella Link (PC)
Onigiri (PC)
American Ninja Warrior: Challenge (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
The Messenger (PS4)
Cube Zone (PS4)
War Theater (PS4, PS Vita)
Peasant Knight (PS4, PS Vita)
Symmetry (Switch)

20 March,

Chocobos Everys Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! (PS4, Switch)
Super Kickers League (PS4, Switch)
Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher (PS4)
Hell Warders (Xbox One)

21 March,

Alwa’s Awakening (PS4)
WA. The Revolution (PC)
Junk Planet (Switch)
Witch and Hero (Switch)
Azure Saga: Pathfinder (Switch)

March 22nd,

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Fate / Extella Link (PS4, PS Vita, Switch)
SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (PS4)
Tyd wag vir Niemand (Xbox One)
Stories: The Path of Destinies (Xbox One)
Unravel Two (Switch)
Peasant Knight (Switch)