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Why AimLab’s Gridshot Is Actually Bad For Your Gameplay In CS:GO And Valorant



If you are playing FPS games like CS:GO, Valorant, and Rainbow Six Siege, you should be familiar with AimLab that allows you to train your aim and muscle memory, as well as reaction speed and many more.

Gridshot practice is also the most popular part of the AimLab because it has flashy and fast gameplay that looks pretty awesome. It has become so popular lately that lots of people started to share and compare their points with others on social media.

Even though most people think that the Gridshot would train their aim in every way and make them better players, it is actually not beneficial to play Gridshot most of the time to be better in FPS games.

Here is the screenshot of the Gridshot training mode.

Gridshot is a practice program that helps your reflexes, flickshots, and general muscle memory of your mouse and sensitivity. But, the targets are so big compared to the actual enemies in the games.

To become a good player in FPS games, on the other hand, requires you to perfect your crosshair placement, preaim, movement, map and game knowledge, as well as knowing how to play around the utility.

If you do that such as all the professional players do, you don’t actually need to flick around the map to kill the enemies. In fact, you are flicking to the head on your enemies only %10 of the time in most cases.

A comparison of Valorant and CS:GO view models in 16:9, 1080p.

Therefore, it would be unnecessary to put so many hours on Gridshot to improve as a player. Although it will improve your mechanical skills a bit, it won’t take you forward in terms of gameplay.

In fact, Gridshot could make you overclick because the hitbox in the Gridshot is much bigger than in CS:GO and Valorant. Instead of using it to become a better player, you should use it to warm and increase the control of your mouse.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t ever use Gridshot, because it’s a good way to practice. However, most of the players are using this training mode wrongly, and we wanted to mention why you shouldn’t rely on practicing Gridshot all the time.

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