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Hellpoint Dev: Xbox Anaconda & PS5 Will Have 8 to 12GB of RAM



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New generation consoles are expected to be announced soon. Microsoft and of course Sony plans to further develop next-generation consoles.

What will the PS5 and Xbox Anaconda offer to their players?  Ryzen CPUs? 16GB of RAM?

Speaking exclusively to GamingBoltMarc-André Jutras, he said that the next consoles will have RAM ranging from 8-12GB—since 16GB of RAM is far beyond the scope of what any game currently uses.

“I don’t think we will see 16GB of RAM, most games don’t use that much RAM anyway,” he said. “I think the next generation will be between 8 and 12, probably. What you will see however is probably a good amount of cores. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next gen was Ryzen 2600 or something like that. Because it is really stable, cheap, and has a good amount of cores.”