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You Can Now Change Your PSN ID, But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t



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PlayStation players have desired to change the PSN IDs, and also Sony wants to bring this feature for years. Finally, you can change your IDs tomorrow.

The feature announced by Sony last October is not compatible with all games and it will be a cause of some problems. However, users can change their PSN IDs as much as they want, but only the first change will be free. After that, each change for standard users will cost £ 7.99 / $ 9.99 and for PlayStation Plus members each change will cost $ 3.99 / $ 4.99. The change can be made from the Settings menu on your PS4 or from the Profile page.

Only PS4 games published after 1st April 2018 fully support the PSN Online ID Change feature. Moreover, some games published after this date don’t support this feature as well.