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Youtuber/Streamer WackyJacky Has A Issue With Sounds In PUBG



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Famous Danish streamer WackyJacky has plus 400.000 subscribers on Youtube, also on May 2019, he reached 4.500 viewers at his peek on Twitch. On 24 May, he shared a tweet about the problems that he has in PUBG. And PUBG’s community manager replied to him. Here is the conversation.

WackyJack said:

“I kinda think PUBG has a responsibility to take the loud audio issues seriously. It is unnecessary to have extremely loud sounds ( did a good list) that potentially damage players hearing since people want to hear footsteps too. Lower loud sounds, protect your fans”

Community Manager of PUBG RoboDanjal replied:

“Hey WJ, we’re aware of the general sentiment about audio levels and discussions are ongoing about how best to solve it. It may seem like “turn it down” is the easy option, but we need to take the time to consider how these changes may affect gameplay balance.”

A fan named Joshua Bell said:

“And what gameplay is affected by deafening everyone?”

Robo said:

“Part of the design of the audio is to allow players the ability to use sounds to cover their movement and actions. Gameplay balance would change by lowering these sounds alone, as movement/action sounds by other players would more audible. Hope that explains it :)”

Caster Moses replied:

“It’s a constant balance which I understand, but my belief is that the overall audio balance should be tuned for ALL situations not specific instances like pushing with “audio cover””

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