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Z1ronic Complains About Rainbow Six Siege’s Ranked Mode Yet Again



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Alex “z1ronic” Dalgaard-Hansen is a 31-year-old former Rainbow Six Siege player and considered as one of the best content creators in the scene. In May 2020, he signed a contract with Natus Vincere as a content creator.

Z1ronic rarely shares his opinions and thoughts about the game on social media, and it is really rare to see him complain about the game in there. However, the current state of Rainbow Six Siege is so bad that it made even Z1ronic go wild.

In the post, Z1ronic mentioned that half of the games have cheaters above the Platinium rank in computer and called out Ubisoft for changing the ranked and anti-cheat system for good.

He wanted the developers to understand why nobody in the community eagers to play ranked mode even though they love the game and pointed out that they have been playing against the same cheaters every single day.

Z1ronic wrote:

“Ranked is truly not in a good spot. Rainbow Six Siege needs to change things around real quick. On PC above plat around half of the games are cheaters with no spread / recoil and walls.

Ubisoft please dedicate some more resources to this, most of us still love the game But can’t play it because or the state its in.

We have awesome devs who truly care and they know how bad this is, upper management needs to wake up! Get active, talk to us… Why is it so bad, why do we play vs the same blatant cheaters days in a row infront of a 1000 people.”

You can check out the post below.

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