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Zellsis Explains Why North American CS:GO Players Did Switch For Valorant: “Valve Didn’t Step Up”



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Jordan Montemurro, known as “Zellsis,” is a 22-year-old American former CS:GO player who had played for teams like Cloud9, Team Singularity, Swole Patrol, and more. In September, he switched to Valorant by joining Orgles5.

Zellsis took his official Twitter account to reply to the tweet of famous CS:GO analyst Jacob “Pimp” Winneche and revealed his thoughts about why North American players did switch to Valorant.

In the post, Zellsis mentioned the salary differences between the European and North American organizations and said that he didn’t even earn money for most of his career in CS:GO, explaining why North American CS:GO is dying right now.

Furthermore, Zellsis pointed out that Riot Games actually care for the players and look towards the future while Valve doesn’t really step up when they are needed the most. In this way, he explained why players are switching to Valorant in North America.

Here is what Pimp said:

“If you’re from North America and have any ambitions what so ever when it comes to Counter Strike;

Now is your time. Drop your lame ass excuses and start to dominate what right now is a weak region.

It’s never been easier to make an impact, so instead of crying about it, do it!”

Zellsis replied:

“Yes, let me move to EU so I can get paid 1k-3k being tier 2-3 while when we’re in NA and still taking maps/series off OUR top teams we don’t even get offers for 1k under. Swole was always a contender team when I played and we didn’t get any talks, same with orgless and BnB.”

Content creator and former player moE replied:

“Csgo scene in NA right now looks like the cs source scene post cgs. Very sad to see alot of teams died during that time not cuz they didnt make salary cuz they saw no future potential.”

Zellsis responded:

“That was the thing with most of us that switched, riot cares and looks towards the future whereas valve doesn’t seem to wanna step up when they’re needed the most.”

You can read the conversation below.

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