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ZywOo Admits That s1mple Is Better Than Him This Year



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Mathieu Herbaut, known as “ZywOo,” is a 20-year-old French CS:GO player who has been representing Team Vitality for over three years. Before that, he was only playing for tier-2 teams.

Since his entrance to the Team Vitality, ZywOo has been monstrously performing on the server, and he claimed the best player award in his rookie year. Last year, he claimed the award once again.

During this period, the French superstar often compared to the Ukrainian living legend Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. It always discussed who is the best player in the game, and recently, hltv asked the rivalry between these players to ZywOo.

In the conversation, ZywOo stated that he doesn’t personally feel any rivalry between him and s1mple. As the French player said, he only focuses on his game and doesn’t care about the other players.

Furthermore, ZywOo touched upon the fact that every team and player is strong nowadays and any team can beat anyone. Therefore, he sees every team and player as his rival during the official matches.

While ZywOo was saying that s1mple is an amazing player, he also admitted that s1mple has been playing above him this year. According to ZywOo, even this doesn’t mean they have a rivalry, it means that he needs to work hard.

ZywOo shared his opinion about s1mple in the interview:

I don’t personally feel any rivalry. I just play my game, I don’t care about others. Everyone is strong these days, every player is a rival, every team is a rival, any team can beat anyone, so it’s not like I have a rivalry with a single player or anything like that.

s1mple has been having an amazing year, he’s been playing above me this year, that’s certain. But even then, it’s not a rivalry for me, if he’s stronger than me then he’s stronger than me, I’m not going to make a fuss about it or go crazy. I’m just going to work on getting better and see what happens.”

Later in the conversation, ZywOo paid his respect for his teammate Richard “shox” Papillon and said that he has been watching him since he was a kid. Also, he mentioned that Shox is prepared for everything and doesn’t feel any pressure about the tournament at all.

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